Business Visa

Business Visa

Business Visa

The Business skills category is designed to cater for:

  • business people who are owners or part-owners of a business
  • senior executives employed by major businesses
  • business employees within the senior level of management
  • who intend to use their business skills to obtain a substantial ownership interest in a new or existing business in Australia and also actively participate in that business at a senior level; or
  • have a substantial business or investment background and are willing to make a substantial investment in State or Territory securities; or
  • persons that hold provisional or temporary visas and have already established a business in Australia.

The Business Skills Points Test allocates points for Age, English language ability, Net assets, and Sponsorship by regional authorities. The Business Skills category has undergone a number of changes recently and it is important to keep up to date with the various State /Territory sponsorship opportunities and requirements. It is recommended that depending on the visa type, applicants ensure that their business records, including business ownership, share of company registers, evidence of business & personal assets/liabilities, etc are in good order and they are in a position to provide audited accounts for relevant financial years.

The business skills stream has a number of Provisional & Permanent Visas that cover a range of business opportunities. Ie:

If you require an initial assessment of your business visa opportunities please contact us or complete the online assessment. To ensure our Business Clients receive the highest likelihood of success, where appropriate, we may recommend using the services of particular Business colleagues with experience developing Business Plans and Proposals meeting State specific sponsorship requirements.

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