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  •       Employer Nomination Sponsored (ENS - 186 visa) 
  •       Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS - 187 visa)
  •      Temporary Skills Shortage  TSS Visa ie the old Subcalss 457 visa.  
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about the Abolition of the 457 visa program and changes
to the 186/187 visa pathways

Corporate Visa Solutions What we can do for your business!

The Australian migration regulations and policy are constantly changing and it is vital for your business to keep abreast and comply with these changes.   As a registered Australian migration agent with many years industry experience, Julie is best placed to advise you on these matters.     

Julie's senior level Australian public service background ensures our understanding of your corporate responsibilities and the need for transparency with stakeholders and various market sectors.  Her qualifications and experience in the human services field means she also appreciates the complexities of corporate management and human resource issues.   

Our Corporate Service is designed to meet the individual needs of your business and will be developed following close consultation with yourself and key players.  We can manage all aspects of visa process for our Corporate Clients, freeing you to continue with your  businesses activities.  

We will undertake an Individual assessment of each employee reviewing their likelihood of meeting DIAC eligibility and identify any issues that may impact on their application, including identifying any integrity issues.  Thus giving each application the highest possible chance of success.   

We can liaise direct with the employee, providing applicants with an explanation of the immigration process, forms, checklists etc and provide guidance and support to your employee and family throughout the process.  By tailoring a visa migration solution to meet your specific needs you have the flexibility to design the service you need rather than a "one size fits all" which wastes your time and resources. 

 Let us manage your visa solutions, whilst you manage your business!  

Australian Visa solutions

There are a number of Australian visas intended to meet the Skilled Employment needs of Australian businesses. These range from short stay visas such as the subclass 456 intended for business visits of up to three months to longer stays allowing full time employment of employees for up to four years on the Temporary Business 457 visa. 

The team at Aussie Visa Solutions have extensive experience handling subclass 457 visas, especially from high risk countries such as Philippines and Africa and is able to advise which Visa is more appropriate for your human resource needs. 

Selecting the right person for your business is your responsibility but our responsibility will be to ensure they receive the most appropriate visa in the shortest possible time.

The subclass 457 has been abolished and replaced with the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa ie TSS as of 19th April, 2017.  This visa allows Australian businesses to sponsor skilled workers to work in Australia 
 for up  to four years. This visa is a three stage visa requiring approval as a Standard Business Sponsor, nomination of a skilled position and an application for the nominated position.

The Specifics of the new Temporary Skills Shortage Visa ie the TSS will be updated as soon as possible.

Labour Market Testing:  Labour Market Testing for the new TSS visa applications will be mandatory. 



1.         Employer Nomination Scheme  (ENS - subclass 186)

2.         Regional Sponsored Migration (RSMS - subclass 187)

JT Aussie Visa Solutions The requirements for these visas will be updated but in the meantime go to the Employer Sponsored or News page for the latest information.


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