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Visa Information

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General information that is relevant to most Visa Classes

Changing Migration regulations & policy

Australian Migration regulations and policy can be complex and subject to change. This can mean eligibility for particular visa subclass may change if and when the Department of Immigration & Citizenship change criteria or policy. A very good example of this is changes to the MODL, the impact of English language requirements or the recent introduction of the Critical Skills List. People who previously met immigration requirements may find themselves no longer eligible, whilst other people find that their occupation is on a list that the Australian government will give priority processing.

If you are intending to migrate or apply for a visa to Australia, it is vital that you are aware of the requirements of each visa at the time you are ready to lodge your application. DIAC visa charges can be costly and non-refundable. If the incorrect visa application charge is made the application can be refused. Furthermore, a refusal of an application may impact upon your ability to lodge a subsequent application.

Lodging a valid application

In order to lodge a valid application certain criteria must be met. This involves completion of the correct Form, payment of the correct visa application charge and other requirements as set out in Schedule 1 of the Migration Regulations. If an applicant is “onshore” or “offshore” will also impact on the validity of an application.

Family Members

Visa applications may include Family Members or Members of a Family Unit, generally known as secondary applicants who must also meet certain criteria depending on whether the application is for a Temporary or Permanent Visa. It is very important to declare all family members, including step children, culturally adopted children, half siblings, etc. etc. DIAC understand that family composition can be complicated and it is important to declare all family members.

Health & Character requirements

All applicants must meet Australia’s Public Interest Criteria ie Health and Character requirements. Visa applicants can be refused a visa if they or secondary applicants do not meet these requirements. It is normally expected that all applicants will undertake medical health checking by an Australian Authorised Medical Officer. Applicants will need to provide Police Clearances depending upon age and the time residing in a country. If you have a criminal record, DIAC case officers have discretion to approve a visa application depending upon the seriousness of the offence and other factors. If someone has a criminal record or a serious health problem, it is important to bring it to Julie’s attention as soon as possible.

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Australian Immigration Law and Policy is complex and constantly changing.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure information on this site is current and accurate this cannot be guaranteed.
The information provided is general only and we take no responsibility for any adverse consequence which may arise from
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We recommend you consult our registered migration agent before proceeding with any visa application.

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