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Personal Particulars

Family Name
Given Name
Date of Birth:
Passport Country
Country of Residence
Marital Status
Telephone number (include the country & area code)
Email address
Are you currently in AustraliaYesNo
Do you have a current Australian Visa?YesNo
If Yes, Visa type/conditions/expiry date
Please provide details of any old Aussie Visa


Please check the three lists below
1. Is your occupation on the Critical Skills List YesNo
2. Is your occupation in demandYesNo
3. Have you been in employed for three of the last four years in an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)?YesNo
Form 1121i
What is your current Occupation/Trade or Job?
Please list your Duties
Have you been employed in Australia in the above occupation for at least 1 out of the past 4 years?YesNo
How long have worked in this job, trade or occupation?
Have you undertaken a Skill Assessment?YesNo
If applicable, how many years have you worked in another industry, job, trade?


Have you undertaken any Australia Studies requiring at least 2 academic years of study?YesNo
What is the highest level of qualification or trade that you have been awarded?
Where did you obtain this qualification?
What was the length of this qualification or trade?
Do you have any other trades, qualifications or certificates?

English ability

How do you assess your English ability?
Are you fluent in any languages other than English?YesNo
If Yes, which language?
Have you previously sat an IELTS test?
If Yes, date of test
If Yes, your score

Section B


Do you have a partner or spouse that will accompany you to Australia?YesNo

Section C


Do you or your spouse have any of the following sponsors?

Section D

Family Visas - Partner/Spouse/Fiance/Parent

There is no automatic “right” for family members of Australian permanent residents to migrate to Australia. The Family Visa is based on complex eligibility criteria and it is suggested this be should be assessed on an individual basis. Please provide details in the box below.

Section E


Do you intend to undertake full time studies?YesNo
Name of the course you want to study?
Name of the University/College?
Duration of the course?

Section F

Business Skills

What is your current job title and industry?
Do you own (or part own) the business you work in?YesNo

Health & Character

Do you or any person included in your application suffer from any chronic illness such as diabetes? YesNo
If YES please provide details
Do you or any person included in your application have a criminal record? A criminal record may have an influence on your visa applicationYesNo
If YES, please provide details

Financial Situation

What is the value of your assets (house, inheritance, car etc) and savings that you will be able to access when you migrate?
Migrating to Australia involves upfront costs. Are you willing and able to pay the Australian government and agent fees?YesNo

Personal CV

If you have a CV, please upload it here
CV should be in pdf or word format and be no larger than 2MB

Further information

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