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Partner DIBP Visa Fees
Onshore Subclass 820/801        $7,000 

Offshore Subclass 309/100        $7,000 

Partner Visa

Congratulations !!! It's been a long time coming but at last same sex couples finally have the Right to legally marry.

Registry Offices across Australia are likely to be a little busier in their lead up to the festive season as couples lodge their "Notice of Intent to Marry".

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This means that Gay couples whom have been unable to meet the "Defacto" requirements ie which require living together for at least 12 months prior to application, will now be able to marry and lodge a Visa Application under the Partner Visa. 

It will still be important to also provide evidence of your relationship.   Just being legally married does not mean that the DIBP Case Officer will accept your relationship is genuine and continuing.    

If you are unsure then it is in your best interests to use the services of a Registered Migration Agent with more than 30 years of Immigration experience


Then if necessary, we can make arrangements to meet you early evening or Saturdays.  

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The stress of separation from your loved one can place  relationships under enormous strain and at the moment these Visas are taking approximately 12 months to process  !!!!  

When you use our expertise to manage your visa, we  will help remove some of the worry and stress from the process.

The Partner Class visa are part of the Family Stream of Australian migration program and contain visas for people that are partners (ie both opposite and same sex couples) of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent residents or eligible NZ Citizens.

These visas can be permanent and provisional ie a temporary visa is generally granted and then eligibility for a permanent visa is assessed two years after the initial application.

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It is important that applicants ensure they apply for the correct Partner visa and met the relevant "time of application" criteria.  If not, then you risk DIBP refusing your application.   

In the past we have 100% success rate for "same sex" applications and look forward to helping you with the process.

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Partners & Prospective Marriage Visas are intended for people who are:

  • intending to get married
  • married (de jure) partners
  • de facto partners 
  • engaged couples

We will review your personal circumstances and advise you on the best visa to suit your personal situation. 

Applicants need to aware that the onus is on them to provide evidence of their relationship so that DIBP are able to make a fully informed decision about the nature of your relationship.  

Perth Migration AgentIt is common for people to have long distance relationships or meet each other via the internet all of which has been made easier by the wonders of technology.     In today's world our relationships are diverse and take on many forms.   Couples often speak through Skype and Facebook, SMS,  keep in touch via emails, use prepaid mobiles and think that they have limited evidence of their relationship together.  

Part of our role will be to help you put together evidence of your relationship to satisfy DIBP requirements and remove the stress from the Migration Process.      

Many people believe they are eligible for Partner visas but do not understand the need to meet certain requirements before their application is lodged.  It is important that you obtain professional migration assistance before lodging an application under the Partner & Prospective Marriage Visas. 

It is in your best interests to lodge an application that is well documented, with supporting evidence of your relationship and also with a comprehensive Submission.    This will ensure that your application will proceed more smoothly and also help reduce possible processing delays. 

We have considerable experience with Partner & Prospective Marriage visas and look forward to you calling us to discuss your personal circumstances.  

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